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Butter moulds on dresser 15Jugs and Plates slide 20Hand block printed pic slide 150christmas decs home page40Cat Doorstops 45blue cushions 50Shop objects on table 55Jusgs and China on the dresser 55Dollies 65Shop bench, dresser 70White Hart LaneMark Side of Shop 80Coloured glass and plates110Vintage textiles 115Fabric Baubles in basket 120vintage textiles 125Glass ware 130Hand block cushions 140Cotton Reels lamps on 9 drawer 145Hand block stationery 150Hyacinths and candlesticks 165Hearts and slippers 170Teddies  171Jugs and plates 175Lustreware 180quilts, batiks 190bovary bed 200Blue and White China 210Blue and White Spongeware 220hand block sofa and cushions 160